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Columbia University was founded in 1754 by King George II of Great Britain, thus becoming the oldest higher education institution in New York City, and the fifth in the United States.


From its origins the university has positioned itself at the head of the best academic and research institutions in the world, standing out in disciplines such as medicine, science and art. It always appears to be among the 15 best universities in the world in the global rankings and is considered the fourth best in the country. In addition, Columbia has played a very important role in the development of the city of New York, participating in numerous cultural, artistic and governmental institutions.

The university considers research a very important part of the training of students, and therefore has more than a hundred departments, institutes and centers dedicated entirely to this activity. Columbia also stands out for its high number of libraries, specialized in all areas of knowledge.

Its faculties and schools are located on the historic campus of Morningside Heights, which occupies six blocks of Upper Manhattan. Among its buildings, of neoclassical style, there are some that are listed as historical heritage of the country, such as the Low Memorial Library or the Pupin Hall. In 2007 the university bought some land in Manhattanville to build a new campus.

Through Morningside Heights have passed important personalities of American and world history. In total 82 Nobel prizes have been linked to this institution, eight of which are still active and are part of the staff of researchers and professors. Among them are the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Joseph Stiglitz. In addition, Columbia University is responsible for managing the prestigious Pulitzer Prizes, which each year award the best works of written press, literature and musical compositions.


Degree courses

For a request to be considered complete it must include:

Payment of the registration fee
A personal essay
Summary of student extracurricular activities
Notes of secondary education
An evaluation letter from the director of the institute
SAT or ACT test score
Two letters of recommendation
Note of the English test TOEFL or IELTS
With all these materials, the university will make a global assessment of the student’s profile to decide if it is admitted or not, since there are no minimum academic requirements for access, but multiple factors are taken into account to make the final decision. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to be selected, only 6% of students who apply for a position get it. Registration deadlines end in January or November.

the School of General Studies and the Barnard School have independent selection processes.

Postgraduate courses

The application for a postgraduate course is made online through a platform on the university’s website. All requests must include:

Notes of the previous university education
Motivation letter
Three letters of recommendation
GRE exam note
Note of the English test TOEFL or IELTS
Payment of the registration fee
To know the admission requirements of each program, you can consult the Columbia postgraduate catalog. On the university website you can also find information about the admission deadlines, which vary from one program to another.