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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1861 by geologist William Barton Rogers in the Cambridge area of ​​Massachusetts. It emerged as a response to the growing industrialization of the country and, since its inception, was configured as a European model of polytechnic university dedicated to the study of physical sciences and engineering to contribute to industrial development.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Currently it is a center of the highest level that appears recurrently among the five best universities in the world in the most prestigious global rankings. His list of professors is spectacular. There have been 85 Nobel prizes (nine of which are currently active), 56 winners of the National Medal of Science of the United States and 28 winners of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation of the United States.

In addition to the higher education and research, from the institution they try to encourage the development of extra-academic activities of the students, such as sports competitions or cultural initiatives, to generate a creative atmosphere and favor the personal development of young people.

Being admitted to this university is very complicated, but the selection process is a need-blind basis, this means that it does not follow any economic criteria and that once a student has been admitted his / her economic capacity is evaluated and all the necessary that he can pay for his studies. Thus, 56% of students receive a scholarship and the university spends $ 34,551 annually in this chapter.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is open to the registration of international students, but you must know that it is very difficult to be admitted. Another particularity that you should know before starting your registration is that the undergraduate students do not need to enroll in any specific course, that they decide when they finish the first year of studies.

To apply for a degree position you must register in MyMIT and complete all the information requested by the portal until you complete your application. This includes:

Biographical information
Summary of your academic interests
Small trials
Compilation of extracurricular activities
An academic self-assessment
Recommendation letters
SAT, ACT and / or TOEFL test scores
High school academic record
Payment of the registration fee
All this must be done well in advance, so pay attention to the admission deadlines, there are usually two and they close in November and January.

On the other hand, the applications for the graduate programs are evaluated individually by each department based on the academic and professional merits of the candidates, but the documents requested for this vary from one to the other. They all have in common that they ask for proof of English proficiency and very high academic standards and, even then, they do not guarantee admission. To know how and when to apply for a postgraduate position, it is best to consult the website of each department, where you will find all the information you need.