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Sean Connery bio wiki age family movies james bond oscar

Sean Connery bio / Sean Connery biography

Sean Connery (August 25, 1930) actor and film producer. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family was of lower middle class.

Sean Connery Family

His father, Joseph, earned some income as a truck driver and his mother, Euphemia, was a housewife.

He studied until he was 13 years old to dedicate himself to distribute milk, since the family economy was facing a great crisis. His school performance was never relevant. Later he enrolled in the British Navy, had to leave the race for a serious stomach ulcer.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery MR Universe

In his youth he practiced body building, a high level physical activity. Thanks to his good physical condition and musculature he participated in the “Mister Universe” contest, he also took advantage of this to work as a lifeguard or model for art schools.

He was invited to work in the South Pacific musical production, since then he got several jobs in the London theater. He was friendly with the actor Robert Henderson, and both had a taste for reading, hence, they began to consume books of plays from various literary currents.

Sean Connery Movies

In the 1950s, Sean debuted on the giant screen, in the film  Infernal Route (1957)  directed by Cy Endfield, Border of Terror (1957) by director Terence Young, Brumes of Restlessness (1958) by Lewis Allen and also we saw it in The Great Adventure of Tarzan (1958) with Gordon Scott in the role of monkey man, here he had the opportunity to work under the guidance of John Guillermin.

Sean Connery Agent 007 / Sean Connery James Bond

His point of fame was due to his performance in  Agent 007 Against Dr. No (1962),  there he played  James Bond . Sean Connery made starring roles in From Russia With Love (1963) by Young, James Bond Against Goldfinger (1964) directed by Guy Hamilton, Operation Thunder (1965), Only Living Twice (1967) by director Lewis Gilbert, Diamonds For The Eternity (1971) under the direction of Guy Hamilton and Never Say Never Never (1983) by Irvin Kershner.

The actor feared that his name was referenced exclusively for his role as James Bond, but he did remove the stagnation of acting in the 70s getting splendid performances in films such as The Offense, Zardoz, Murder In The East Express, adaptation of a novel of Agatha Christie, The Man Who Could Reign, The Wind and The Lion, Robin and Marian, The First Great Train Assault (1979) and Cuba.

His popularity was not only achieved by his talent but by his physical appearance, very attractive, considered a sex symbol among the female audience. From 1980 to 1990 he was in several films, such as: The Name of the Rose, The Immortals, The Untouchables of Eliot Ness, the well-known Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989), Steven Spielberg’s film in which he played the Harrison Ford’s father, The Red October Hunt, The Russia House, The Last Days Of Eden, The Rock and The Trap (1999), worked with Catherine Zeta-Jones in the cast.

Sean Connery Oscar

He won the  Oscar Award  for best supporting actor. Beating Denzel Washington for Scream Freedom, Vincent Gardenia for Moon Spell, Albert Brooks for Edge of the News and Morgan Freeman for The Reporter on 42nd Street. Now, in 2003 he recorded his last film production in La Liga De The Extraordinary Men, adaptation of a comic by Alan Moore embodied Allan Quatermain.

Connery rejected a role in The Lord of the Rings, the actor was offered up to 15% of the worldwide box office receipts to play Gandalf. In July 2005, he reported his withdrawal from the cinema. He started writing his autobiography. On August 25, 2008, at age 78, the American presented his autobiography  Being a Scot,  not only speaks of his life but some social and historical notes about Scotland .  The following year he received the  Lifetime Achievement Award  from the American Film Institute. Although he had already announced his retirement he decided to lend his voice to the animated short film Sir Billi the Vet, he also recorded voiceovers for a new video game based on his James Bond movie From Russia with Love.

Sean Connery


In the year 1962 he married the Australian actress Diane Cilento, acted in Tom Jones and El Tormento and El Éxtasis. They had a son named Jason, they divorced when the boy was 9 years old. Jason dedicated himself to acting like his parents. In 1975 Connery married again in Gibraltar with the painter Micheline Roquebrune; both were lovers of golf and participation in important events in the Moroccan city of Casablanca.


As a supporter of the Scottish National Party, he was knighted by the British Empire. Since his youth, Connery has repeatedly expressed his support  for Scottish political independence . In this regard, he supported the party with a financial injection. In 2008, Connery praised the party’s work in a minority government, having won the Scottish Parliament elections in 2007. Connery has been frequently criticized for having a tax haven in the Bahamas and for accepting the Knight title from the government British Labor Party, despite criticizing this policy. He affirmed that he would return to his country when he achieved independence.

Sean Connery wikipedia 

Real Name

Sean Connery




Actor and Film Producer


88 years old

Sean Connery bio wikipedia 


Edinburgh, Scotland.





Sean Connery wiki


 1.88 m


 80 kg


$20 million USD

Net Worth

$350 million USD

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