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Ryan O’Neal Bio / Ryan O’Neal Biography

Ryan O’Neal full Patrick Ryan O’Neal (Born on April 20, 1941 (age 78) in Los Angeles, United States) American actor. His family background linked him to the world of celluloid: his father was Charles O’Neal, screenwriter, and his mother, Patricia Callagham, was an actress.

Ryan O’Neal actor 

He started very young as an actor and soon succeeded as one of the protagonists of Peyton Place , a television series that reached a large audience in the United States, with more than five hundred episodes; the series would also count with the corresponding cinematographic version.

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In this way, his activity on the small screen led him, like other classmates, to be called by the cinema to make the leap.

His first performance was in  The Withered Land  (1962), by William Witney. Its first success took place in 1968, when it acted in  the perverse one  (1968), of Alex March.

Two years later he was the male protagonist of one of the most popular films of the decade:  Love Story  (1970), by Arthur Hiller, about a novel by Erich Segal adapted by Walter Hill.

The story of the couple of college students, rich and poor, who fall in love and get married so that the woman (played by Alli McGraw) dies prematurely of leukemia, gathered all the ingredients to succeed in the environment of the seventies. O’Neal was nominated for the Oscar for his performance, although he did not win it.

Turned into a fashionable heartthrob, Ryan O’Neal began a good time, which for a few years enjoyed an enviable popularity.

At the beginning of the seventies, with his performances in  What Happens to Me, Doctor?  (1971), by Peter Bogdanovich, and  The Thief who came to dinner  (1972), by Bud Yorkin, sought to expand comedy into his acting field, marked by the melodramatic nature of  Love Story ; both titles enjoyed an acceptable reception.

His great moment came when a director of such extraordinary prestige as Stanley Kubrick offered him the lead role in  Barry Lyndon  (1975).

Ryan O’Neal made a memorable performance in this adaptation of the William Evelyn Thackeray novel of the same name. However, the actor did not continue his rising career, leaving notice in the papers he assumed from this date.

However, his intervention in the film  Hard Men Do not Dance  (1987), inspired by literary success that meant the novel of the same title that wrote Norman Mailer, who was also the director of the film.

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His love life was a bit hectic. He was married three times to women in the film industry: Joanna Moore and Leigh Taylor Young were partners of the actor.

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With Farra Fawcett kept the most popular union, since she was quite famous for his appearances on television series that marked an era in the United States and Europe.

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Ryan O’Neal is the father of Tatum O’Neal, who acted with him on  Paper Moon  (1971), directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

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Real Name

Patrick Ryan O’Neal


Patrick  O’Neal




78 years old

ryan o’neal bio wikipedia 


Los Angeles, United States





ryan o’neal wiki


 1.85 m


 86 lbs


$3 Million USD

Net Worth

$15 Million USD

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