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Lucy Wills (Born on May 10, 1888 and died on April 16, 1964 in Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom ) was a British hematologist, who in the late 1920s and early 30s of the 20th century conducted an investigation into the India on macrocytic anemia in pregnancy. Her work led her to discover a nutritional factor that served to prevent and cure these disorders.

Lucy Wills Family

His family enjoyed a good social and economic position. For this reason, he was able to study at the Cheltenham Ladies’ College, an educational institute that offered high educational standards in teaching. Then, she studied Botany and Geology in 1911, but did not receive a Cambridge degree until 1928, when Cambridge began awarding titles to women.

Lucy Wills

Lucy Wills Wiki / Lucy Wills Wikipedia

By that time, Wills had admirably managed to graduate as a doctor at the London Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine for Women. From the beginning he knew that he would dedicate his knowledge to research and teaching in the Pathological Chemistry department of the same center in London. For the year of 1928  Margaret Balfour  contacted her. For several years she served as head of pathology until her retirement in 1947.

Lucy Wills Biography 

After his retirement, he worked in South Africa and Fiji studying the effects of nutrition on health. During the last ten years of his life, he was a member of the local government for Chelsea. He advanced a work on the macrocytic anemia of pregnancy that affects mainly pregnant women of the tropics, with inadequate diets, this work was developed in several areas of India.

Lucy Wills Bio

This woman is given several contributions, such as discovering a nutritional factor in the yeast that prevents and cures this disorder:  the Wills factor or folate , the natural form of folic acid. In this sense, in the year 1930, he showed that anemia could be reversed with brewer’s yeast, which contains folate.

Lucy Wills Wiki Age Biography Wright Facebook Folate


As part of a recognition of his work and the advancement of medicine, on May 10, 2019, the 131th anniversary of his birth, the Google search engine commemorated Wills with a Doodle available for North America, parts of South America and Europe, Israel, India and New Zealand. Her knowledge changed the face of preventive prenatal care for women around the world.

Lucy Wills Works / Lucy Wills Wright

Studies on blood and urine chemistry during pregnancy: curves of blood sugar.

Studies in pernicious anemia of pregnancy (1930). This investigation has 4 parts.

Treatment of “pernicious anemia” of pregnancy and “tropical anemia”, with special reference to yeast extract as a healing agent.

The nature of the hemopoietic factor in Marmite.

A new factor in the production and healing of certain macrocytic anemias.

Tropical macrocytic anemia: its relationship with pernicious anemia.


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