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Loretta Lynn biography age wiki birthday country music instagram

Loretta Lynn (born April 14, 1932 (age 87) Butcher Hollow, Kentucky , United States) is a singer and songwriter of country music.

Loretta Lynn biography Loretta Lynn bio

He became an icon of American folk music in 1981. This happened when a film based on Loretta Lynn’s biography , “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” filled theaters and earned the actress Sissy Spacek an Oscar.

For 2 decades, Loretta Lynn was a regular on the country charts, achieving one success after another and orienting her lyrics towards a female universe with songs like “Do not Come Home to Drinkin”, “Fist City” and “Woman of the World ” Later, Lynn forged a successful relationship with composer Conway Twitty.

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn and husband

Loretta Lynn was married at age 13, became a mother, and soon after moved to Washington State with her husband, Oliver Lynn . His marriage was tumultuous, he had lovers and she was very impetuous; all these experiences together were his inspiration for music.

When she was 24 years old, her husband gave her a guitar, she learned to play and recorded the following year. He began to be part of Nashville’s country scene in the 1960s and in 67 he got the first of 16 numbers 1 (among the 70 songs on the list as solo artist and duet) among which “Do not Come Home” A ‘Drinkin’ (With Lovin ‘on Your Mind), “” You Is not Woman Enough, “” Fist City, “and” Coal Miner’s Daughter. “

Loretta Lynn birthday

his birthday is on April 14 

Loretta Lynn grand ole opry

1962 was the bankruptcy year of Lynn, when it reached the top ten for the first time with “Success” and became a member of Grand Ole Opry. Unlike many other country and pop artists of the time, Lynn began writing her own material. Some of her most memorable songs are those she wrote herself, such as “Fist City” and “You Ain ‘

Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn karaoke coal miner’s daughter

The 1970s brought more commercial success for Lynn. In 1971, he released the autobiographical single and album,  Coal Miner’s Daughter  . A book of the same title was released in 1976 and became a best seller, and in 1980 the Lynn film was released. Sissy Spacek  won an Oscar for her portrayal of Loretta Lynn in the movie. 

After the  Second World War  , a handful of Western artists from the country began to challenge their subordinate status. Surprisingly, given its traditional rural origins, Lynn became one of its leaders. 

Loretta Lynn country music

Many of her songs expressed female strength and determination and the feeling that women would no longer be limited to “supporting their man,” as other singers liked to suggest they should. Her entrepreneurial perception and her talent for self-promotion also demonstrated that women could thrive in the competitive music industry. In 1967, the Country Music Association recognized the new importance of the singers by giving Lynn her first award for Best Vocalist of the Year.

Lynn continued to enjoy great success in the 1970s, and the film story of her life,  Coal Miner’s Daughter  (1980), won her a new generation of fans. After an interlude during the 1990s, Lynn returned to the recording studio and released a new recording in 2000. She continues to bring a compelling female perspective to the world of country-western music.


Loretta Lynn Wikipedia / Loretta Lynn Wiki 

Real Name

Loretta Webb


Loretta Lynn


Singer and songwriter of country music


87 years old


 1.58 m


 59 kg

Net Worth

$60 million $

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