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India Arie bio / India Arie biography

India Arie  full India Arie Simpson , is a singer and songwriter who was born on October 3, 1975 (44 years old), in Denver, Colorado, United States. Since her debut in 2001, she has become a visionary of R & B and soul, consolidating her musical career as one of the most important and influential artists of her genre.

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She is also known as an experienced actress, guitarist and record producer who dedicates her life to the greatest passion of her life: music.

India Arie

india arie acoustic soul 

India Arie enters the musical field with genres such as R & B and soul. However, with his artistic growth he began to incorporate other sounds from blues, neo soul, indie and alternative music into his compositions.

Taking advantage of her own sensitivity, the singer has written her own songs, taking as inspiration their emotions and personal experiences.

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On the other hand, her biggest influence comes from her mother, a soul singer who inspired and encouraged her passion for music. In the same way, he admires the musical work of Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack, who determined a great part of his musical style.

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Born in Denver and raised under the bosom of a humble family, as the daughter of a professional basketball player named Ralph Simpson and a former soul singer nicknamed Joyce, the artist remembers the best moments of her childhood.

How to play get it together india arie on guitar?

At the age of 13, India Arie moved to Atlanta with her family in search of a better quality of life. While she was in high school, the interpreter started playing the guitar and participating in different musical events at her school. Persistently, he developed musical skills for singing and composition during his early life, joining the choir of the local church.

In turn, he learned to play other musical instruments such as the saxophone, baritone clarinet, trumpet and flute, demonstrating to have great innate abilities for such instruments.

He completed his university studies at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he formalized several semesters in the career of Design of Jewels. However, her willingness to be involved in the music led her to reveal herself and abandon her higher education to build a musical career.

After taking his first steps in music together with the musical group Groovement and editing his first songs with the independent record label EarthShare.

India Arie later attracted the interest of major record labels, including Motown Records, a company dedicated to African-American music with whom she signed a contract in 1998. With absolute control of the artistic direction of her music, the performer formalizes her musical career in the year 2001, with the release of their first album  “Acoustic Soul” , in which sounds such as soul, blues, folk and hip hop are audaciously combined.

The ingenious thing about this record is that it refers to the classic sound of 70s soul singer-songwriters and shows the acoustic guitar sound as the dominant instrument, in this context, the album has enough melodic variety to maintain interest.

India Arie

india arie video

The main single of the disc is titled  “Video” , a subject that had a great repercussion in the musical scene and that got to stand out in the main radial circuits of the United States.

youtube india arie strength courage wisdom

This was also followed by the release of other equally important topics such as  “Strength, Courage & Wisdom”  and  “Brown Skin” .

After his excellent debut, the album was consolidated in the 10th position of the list of best albums of Billboard 200. In addition, he managed to be in third place in the list of best-selling R & B albums that same year.

After a few months,  “Acoustic Soul”  received the double platinum certification from the RIAA, thanks to the great escalation in the music market. To complete your success,

India Arie received seven Grammy nominations in 2002, in the category of “Best Record of the Year”, which prompted the singer to a widespread artistic prominence across the country.

His second record production is called  “Voyage To India”  and was released in 2002, with the backing of Motown Records.

The title of the disc comes from the song  “The Secret Life of Plants”  interpreted in 1979, by one of the idols of the singer, Stevie Wonder. The sound of the album was inspired by contemporary country music and R & B, devising a new musical language that completely revolutionized the genre at the time of its release.

The 12 tracks of this album are linked to themes that speak of personal growth, soul healing and gratitude. For the promotion of this album were used four main themes,  “Can I Walk with You”“The Truth”“Get It Together”  and  “Little Things” , the latter was based on a subtle phrase of the song  “Hollywood”  of Rufus and Chaka Khan, published in 1977.

It is important to mention that  “Little Things”  is perhaps the most outstanding single of the album and the one that had a transcendental commercial outlet, due to its theme, because it invites us to reflect on the contradictory that love can become.

At the time of its debut, the album topped the R & B, hip hop and soul charts of the Billboard 200. Consecutively, with its musical work India Arie earned three Grammy Award nominations in 2002, winning specifically in the categories “Best R & B Album”, thanks to the song  “I Am Not My Hair” .

He also received an award as “Best Pop Collaboration” for his participation in the song  “The Imagine Project”  with Herbie Hancock. After winning in the “Best Urban / Alternative Performance” section.

india arie get it together

For its part, the theme  “Get It Together”  appeared in many movie soundtracks, including  “Brown Suga”  and  “Shark Tale” , both released in 2004.

The album sold more than two million copies in its first week of release. Its success was manifested in a short time with a Platinum certification, granted by the Association of the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), fact that reinforced the reputation of India Arie as one of the best singers and composers of its kind.

In 2006 the singer performed  “Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationships” , her third studio album composed of 16 songs.

The concept of the album is focused on a personal search of the singer about life, exploring some of the deepest aspects of feelings such as love, indifference, infidelity and forgiveness, with ambitious lyrics that have great sound richness.

The commercial performance of the disc was notorious, after leading the billboards of Billboard 200 and Top R & B / Hip-Hop Albums with more than half a million sales at the time. Also as part of its success, the album was certified as Gold by the RIAA. “I Am Not My Hair”“There’s Hope”  and  “The Heart of the Matter” , were the three main singles that promoted the album in their promotion.

These subjects received mostly positive criticism, from the music experts, for the extraordinary performance they had in the music scene.

His fourth record is titled  “Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics” , a material that served as a follow-up to his previous record. This volume continues to portray life lessons through the healing power of music, but with more perspective.

As far as its concept, the disc represents faithfully the true I of India Arie, since in him it reflected each one of its feelings and thoughts without reserves, showing its true essence.

From this material come the simple  “Ghetto”“Pearls”  and  “A Beautiful Day” , themes that achieved a remarkable impact in the musical field, getting favorable positions in the Billboard 200, selling more than half a million copies. Thanks to this album, the interpreter catapulted herself as one of the most virtuous and ingenious composers of the R & B, for making faith, kindness and positive thinking seductive, working as a co-producer with Dru Castro.

Subsequently, he released  “Songsversation” as its fifth record project, in 2013. The album stands out for containing 16 instrumental musical pieces, which includes as protagonists sounds from instruments such as trombone, guitar and clarinet, giving a new focus to modern soul music. 

“Just Do You”  is the main theme of the album, followed by  “This Love”“Nothing That I Love More”  and  “Flower” , themes that highlight all the glory of neo-soul.

The love in this album is expressed in many ways, this being the concept with which the album was built. The success of this material lies in the stories it tells, for many and especially for critics it is comforting to hear an artist pour out the content of his heart and the reflections of his life with such clarity and strength, in each of his songs.

According to India Arie the reason for her inspiration on this occasion was “The life I know”, terms she herself expressed. In general, he managed to sell almost a million copies a few weeks after his debut. In addition to reaching the top of several major music billboards in the United States and United Kingdom.

India Arie is an artist willing to take risks and a sample of it is her sixth album called  “Christmas With Friends” , published in 2015, under the support of the labels Motown Records and Soulbird Music.

This is a Christmas collaborative album, which featured the voice of American pianist Joe Sample. The production of this material was in the hands of the pianist John Burke and the musician Dave Koz. In turn, this album has the collaboration of a large number of guest stars from the world of rock, pop, soul and jazz, such as Kem, Brandy, Michael McDonald, Dave Koz, Tori Kelly and Trombone Shorty, among others. 

“Christmas with Friends”  consists of ten songs, nine of them are versions that are framed within the Christmas standards, including an original carol composed by India Arie. The promotional singles for this album were  “Let It Snow”“Have Yourself to Merry Little Christmas”  and  “The Christmas Song” .

The disc counted on a good critical reception on the part of the public and the experts in music. The album appeared on several Billboard charts, where it peaked at the top of the R & B and soul charts.

The promotion of the disc was accompanied by a concert tour by the singer, which was called  “Christmas with Friends Tour” .

The album appeared in several musical lists at international level, where it reached its maximum point after staying for several consecutive weeks in the first place. This material is considered as the most mature and consistent project of the artist throughout her musical career.

Showing that she is an artist who is not afraid to broaden her horizons, as music is about, besides being seen as one of the most influential, determinant and avant-garde of its genre.

In 2017 he released  “Songsversation: Medicine” , an EP that came to the music market as an extended version of his previous album  “Songsversation” . This material is composed of six songs, among which  “I Am Light”“Light of the Holy Spirit”  and  “Life is good” stand out .

The theme that inspires this disc is the spiritual healing, for that reason, many cataloged it as food for the soul, that relieves the interior. “My wish is that these songs bring softness, clarity, calm and inspiration,” said the interpreter in a local media.

In this record, the voice of India Arie is more confident and optimistic than ever, through songs reduced in peace and love. Although the album did not reach the top positions of the major listings of the R & B genre, it did add other great hits, such as selling more than a million copies just weeks before its debut.

Also, it had a wide receptivity on the part of the public, translating into millions of downloads obtained in the digital music platforms.

Steeped in its signature mix of folk, neo-soul and traditional R & B, India Arie echoes again with the music industry with  “Worthy”  its seventh record label, published in 2019.

The album was backed by the record labels SoulBird and BMG, who gave the first time to the singer’s first full-length album, after five years of absence in the artistic medium.

For this production the performer is aligned with new collaborators such as Chuck Butler, Joel Cross, Brandon Burch and Shannon Sanders, to give life to the 16 themes that make up this material.

India Arie

india arie best songs

Among its most famous songs are  “Steady Love”“What If”“That Magic” , a Caribbean melody that has a contagious hook that attracts listeners for the soul and  “Worthy” , its promotional single that it finds leading the first places of digital downloads in iTunes.

With a great musical repertoire, the artist shows that she is not anchored to a single genre or musical style, because this production comes loaded with a powerful musical versatility, the same one that has characterized her since her musical beginnings.

This album explores themes such as the empowerment of young women who aspire to flourish freely without being trampled.

He also urges men to be an active figure in the lives of their children. Even two decades after his artistic career, India Arie continuously drives the black community with bold statements that punish racism and promote equal rights  “Worthy”  is a significant album not only for the singer, but also for soul music in general, since most of the content of this album is protest music, which seeks to convey a particular message to whoever listens to it.

For many music experts, the album could be a social contribution to human rights. This album is a sample of the artistic and personal growth of India Arie, where he demonstrates having the full confidence to express himself more clearly through music and in a more powerful way.


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Real Name

India Arie Simpson


India Arie


Singer and Songwriter


44 years old

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Denver, Colorado, United States





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 1.70 m


 62 kg


$1.8 Million USD

Net Worth

$4.5 Million USD

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