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Fran Lebowitz Wiki Age Biography Net Worth Trump Writer

Fran Lebowitz full Frances Ann «Fran» Lebowitz (Born October 27, 1950 (69 years old) in Morristown, New Jersey, United States) is a writer, known for her sharp social commentary on American daily life seen through of a New York sensibility.

Fran Lebowitz Biography / Fran Lebowitz Bio

Icon of the culture that flees from snobbery, because it knows that frivolity, like wrinkles, can also be beautiful, it has made its life an art. To speak of her is to speak of vanguard. From  New York . Of literature. Of journalism. Fashion. Politics. And talking to her is, also, touching all those topics. It is like consulting the  oracle of Delphi , but more fun.

Fran Lebowitz

fran lebowitz married husband 

Even though Fran is over 60, she has remained single and has some different opinions about married life. In her October 2012 interview with Boston Spirit, the public speaker said she sees the younger generation of gay people differently. Recalling her 1950s era in which no one wanted to get hooked, Fran hinted that time had changed and she saw homosexual people as heterosexual people who want to get married and have children. 

fran lebowitz net worth 

Fran’s net worth is believed to be around $ 4 million. She has accumulated part of her net worth from her periods as public speakers and remaining from her books that were sold in large quantities.

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The  mood , dominate the resource that only those who know smart but do not treat the other as a fool, is in her house brand. He deploys it in his articles, in his talks, in his books and, of course, in his  interviews . Also in this, granted on the occasion of his visit to Madrid, where yesterday held a meeting with the dealer Gracie Mansion about the exhibition of Peter Hujar and David Wojnarowicz that can be seen in LOEWE Gran Vía, within the framework of PHoto ESPAÑA.

He met Peter Hujar in Manhattan, in 1971. Why did he move to New York, from his native New Jersey?

I moved to New York probably in 1970, to be a writer. I was 20 years old. When I was very small, I loved New York. Even as a child I used to say that when I was older I would live in New York. Nobody paid attention to me.

fran lebowitz new york 

But he got it. What did you think the first time you were there?

When I moved, the crime rate was the highest. New York was very dangerous, it was dirty. And I loved it. If you ever live in a dirty and dangerous place, it is better to be young. The fact is that I still have all the customs of my youth, such as living in a dangerous city. But New York is no longer dangerous. I live in a building that has many janitors downstairs. I have three locks in my apartment, and they say to me: “You’re crazy, what are all these locks for?” There was a time when it was very exciting. It’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still New York. I still like New York a lot.

fran lebowitz trump

Despite Trump?

Yes. There’s only one good thing about Trump being president, and that he does not live in New York.

But they have the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue …

No one in New York ever noticed Trump Tower until he became president.


Yes. Nobody thought about him. New Yorkers did not even think he was a real estate developer, because he is not. People thought he was a thief. He is a criminal. The idea that he is president of the United States It is the most shocking of my life. I will never get over it. The country may never surpass it. Maybe the world never gets over it.

Fran Lebowitz Wiki Age Biography Net Worth Trump Writer

Fran Lebowitz

There is no hope, then.

It depends on how long you are president. If tomorrow morning it vanishes in the air, the damage it has done to the US, to its Constitution, to democracy, to the press, all over the world … Let’s be honest: one hundred thousand people have died for blame for Donald Trump around the world. And the worst thing is that 90% of the Republican Party supports him. The worse it is, the more they love him.

fran lebowitz writer

Will he have a second term?

Most people consider me a writer, but I consider my profession to be right. Yes, I am always right Before the elections, I spent a year going around the country saying there was no chance of Trump winning, none! I was wrong. The first months after the elections, every time I left my apartment, people on the street shouted to me that I was wrong. “I know I’m sorry. Believe me, I’m sorry ».

I could not do anything either.

It never crossed my mind. What if I think he will get a second term? It seems very unlikely to me. The problem is that to his followers, the more information you give them about Trump, the less they believe them. They love him because he defends racism. The main theme of his presidency is racism.

Stop Trump. I want to talk about culture. How has the art scene in Manhattan changed in 40 years?

It has been the same change as in everything else. The art world has become the art market. The change in everything has been money. There is money in everything. Americans have always loved the dollar. But there used to be values. Now there is nothing. My problem is that I hate money and I love things. If you hate money, you should also hate things. I hate money, but I love clothes, furniture …

And he needs money to buy them.

Speaking all the time about money is very boring. There is nothing more boring than money. In U.S.A. you have the idea that rich people are very smart: “You have to be very smart if you’re so rich.” People who think that have never met a rich person, or a smart person. If I had to make a list of the ten richest people I’ve ever met, there would not be a single ready one.

What do you miss most about the New York you met when you arrived?

Youth. That time was better to be young than now. It was more fun then. Young people always say: «New York must have been so much fun in the 70s … I wish I had lived there». When I was young, we never thought that New York must have been very funny in the 1930s. It is very sad that young people look back. The work of young people is to look forward. It is very clear that my generation has failed.


Because Donald Trump is president. We have failed. There are many things that we did not do. Something good for young people is that they have a lot of work to do. Much.

But those social, political and artistic events that took place continue to have an impact.

Obviously, that’s why we’re here now. The problem is that it is not possible to put those things into context. You look at photographs from the 70s, but you do not know the context of that time. Before, people had more preparation, schools were good. I do not know here, but now public schools in the US They are so incredibly bad that I am surprised they can read. It’s terrible.

Do you think that culture has lost its power, its influence, in society?

No, but I also know it’s hard to believe at this moment. Yesterday I went to the Prado and it is a treasure of humanity. You look at those paintings and they still have the same power for me. Things that are very good always have power.

And how can people be motivated in the face of daily news, in the face of the indignation caused by world leaders like Trump or Putin?

People have to know the truth. The most important thing is to know the truth. And that’s why the real press, the free press, is so important. You also have to understand what a lie is. This has always been the core of fascism, a big lie. No matter what country it is, it is the same. Naturally, there are many differences in people on an international scale, but human nature is the same bad nature in all parts of the world.

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Real Name

Frances Ann «Fran» Lebowitz


Fran Lebowitz




69 years old






$100K-1M (Approx.)

Net Worth

$4 million


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