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Deontay Wilder Wiki Age Biography Boxeo Olympics Record Daughter Luis Ortiz King Kong Instagram

Deontay Wilder full Deontay Leshum Wilder (born October 22, 1985 (34 years old) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States) is an undefeated boxer. He is the current world heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC)

Deontay Wilder Biography / Deontay Wilder Bio

he showed from an early age a fascination for sports, especially basketball and American football, the latter being where he shone most by their physical conditions and play. He was a natural athlete, was close to being part of the most important university teams in the United States, but a key fact in his life changed everything: the birth of his first daughter, Naieya.

Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder Wife

The new life as a father rethought Wilder’s objectives. The young athlete had to leave behind the fields of basketball and football, to get to the labor camp and start generating income to support his wife and daughter. He had jobs as a waiter at the IHOP hotel and at the Red Lobster restaurant. He also spent time as a truck driver for the Budweiser firm.

Deontay Wilder Career Earnings

The money that came in for these jobs was not enough, since her daughter had been born with a rare disease of the spinal cord, called spina bifida, and with the passing of the months it became necessary her intervention and treatment. This new need led Deontay into the world of boxing, as the only way out to earn more money.

Deontay Wilder Boxeo

He was about 20 years old when he took his first steps in pugilism. The boy had no idea of ​​this sport, nor of the amateur circuit that every boxer must go to become professional. He imagined that the bills would arrive immediately, but he was very wrong.

Deontay Wilder Golden Boy Promotions

They were difficult months for Wilder, who, using his great conditions as an athlete and physicist, quickly dominated boxing. In 2007 he stayed with the national contest of the Golden Gloves, the most important amateur boxing competition in the United States. In this event he showed his 211-centimeter reach, his speed and the power that characterizes him.

Deontay Wilder Olympics

His great performances catapulted him to the national boxing team to participate in the Olympic Games in Beijing, where he was awarded the bronze medal, hence his nickname ‘The Bronze Bomber’ (‘The Bronze Bomber’).

Deontay Wilder Wiki Age Biography Boxeo Olympics Record Daughter Luis Ortiz King Kong Instagram

The feat in the Olympics (he was the first American to win an Olympic medal in boxing) allowed him to debut as a professional in 2008, more exactly on November 15 against Ethan Cox, the rival he defeated by TKO, this being the first of his many victories on the fast track.

Deontay Wilder Record 

Since then, Wilder has built a successful sports career with his own fists. 39 wins in a row, being the January 17, 2015, before Bermane Stiverne, the most important to achieve the WBC heavyweight world title and break in this way with an eight-year drought for the United States without a monarch in this division since Shannon Briggs in 2007.

Deontay Wilder Daughter 

Today she has six successful defenses, where she has used the motivation of her daughter to make it clear who is the best in the ring. The years have passed, but he is still fighting for her and for her three other children. His family is the engine that gives strength to the champion, whom today they know a little more.

Deontay Wilder Luis Ortiz Fight / Deontay Wilder Luis Ortiz

Now you understand why Deontay Wilder is so convinced that he will surpass Luis Ortiz in his fight on March 3 at the Barclays Center in Broklyn, New York. You understand where your confidence comes from, your motivations and how you approach the fight and when you are in the ring.

The one born in Alabama is mentalized in victory. He recognizes the level of Ortiz and how demanding the fight will be, but this only motivates him more, fills him with more desire to get into the ring and finish everything in his style. “He (Ortiz) is going to have to deal with a monster, with a man with a killer instinct, he’s going to deal with someone who is not afraid of any man on Earth,” Wilder said.

Deontay Wilder King Kong

Sweeping with ‘King Kong’ is the goal. The champion does not contemplate another result. March 3 will be another episode in the life of a man who has left everything to get where he is today, close to becoming the largest of his division.

Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilde Wikipedia / Deontay Wilder Wiki 

Real Name

Deontay Leshum Wilder


Deontay Wilder


Undefeated Boxer


34 years old


 2.01 m


 96 kg

Net Worth

$16 million

Deontay Wilde Instagram


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