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Camila Morrone Leonardo Dicaprio bio wikipedia model instagram

Camila Morrone bio / Camila Morrone biography

Camila Morrone (Born on June 16, 1997 (21 years old) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.) Camila Morrone is an Argentine model and actress. Known for being the girlfriend of the actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

camila morrone mother / camila morrone Al Pacino

His mother is the model and actress Camila Solá, who has a relationship with Al Pacino. His father is Máximo Morrone, also a model.

Camila Morrone

camila morrone facts

  • His parents divorced in 2006.
  • He liked to play soccer and volleyball and studied at Beverly Hills High School.
  • I use appliances to correct her teeth and she tells me that she was waiting to take them off to go to a modeling agency and ask for work.
  • At 15 she was ready to start, her mother, who was also a model, supported her.
  • He left with model Joseph Perez in 2013 and then with Fai Kahara in 2016.
  • His stepfather is Al Pacino and Di Caprio’s old friend, so that’s how the young woman met the actor that takes her 20 years.
  • At the beginning of her relationship with the actor she spent New Year with him and her friend Tobey Maguire in Aspen, she posted her photos on Instagram.
  • In 2017 he went to the Bahamas with his friend Kendal Jenner and model Bella Hadid, some of her famous friends.

camila morrone dicaprio

  • He met Di Caprio in 2017 at a dinner at Art Basel.
  • His Instagram account has more than a million followers.
  • It has two nationalities, American and Argentine.
  • He says he admires his stepfather and that to see him he saw all his films and although he respects him, he is more interested in what modern singers and actors do.

She says that she is a strong guru for her but I want to be independent and she does not ask for help for her career. Although he does want to have children, he says he does not want them as young, as his mother did. Who loves a lot and is like a great friend. He is described as a passionate person because of his Argentine blood.

Morrone began her professional career as a model in Turkey’s Vogue magazine. He made his debut on the catwalk for the clothing brand Moschino’s in 2017

She debuted at the cinema next to James Franco in the documentary Joaquin Phoenix tribute, My Own Private River of 2012 and then, also with him, in the 2013 film Bukowski.

In 2016 the young model signed a contract with IMG Models World, for that appeared on the cover of Vogue, with the Victoria’s Secret brand, TopShop, the Lefties clothing line, Love Magazin magazines, VS Pink and RL, the Urban Outtters brand, among others.

Also it acted in 2018 next to Bruce Willis in Death Wish of the director Jordan Kersey. That same year he starred in Augustine Frizell’s Never Goin Back.

It is estimated that the model earns a lot of money thanks to her Instagram account, in which she has contracts with fashion brands.

Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone wikipedia 

Real Name

Camila Morrone




Model and actress


22 years old

Camila Morrone bio wikipedia 


Buenos Aires, Argentina





Camila Morrone wiki


 1.75 m


 53 kg


Will update

Net Worth

$ 2 millon USD

Camila Morrone Instagram


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