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Mike bayer bio wife height and weight wikipedia age life coach book

Mike bayer

Mike bayer Bayer was Demi Lovato’s calm mentor. She terminated him in the wake of blaming him for deceiving her.

Mike bayer bio / mike bayer bio wikipedia

TMZ revealed that toward the beginning of July, Lovato let go Bayer due to a “major dropping out” the match had. Lovato is said to be in stable condition following her overdose, which was at first answered to have been heroin. The medications the vocalist took are as yet obscure, yet it has been generally announced that Narcan was utilized to resuscitate her. Narcan is normally used to turn around the impacts of narcotics.

Mike bayer

Mike bayer bio wife height and weight wikipedia age life coach book

It has been accounted for that Lovato was out praising her companion and reinforcement artist, Dani Vitale’s birthday, the night prior to the overdose.

Mike bayer wikipedia

US Weekly, in their give an account of Bayer and Lovato, says that the artist was truly battling with her moderation before her overdose. A “source” told the magazine, “She would just keep up collectedness for a couple of days on end before backsliding. She declined to return to treatment [before her overdose.]”

Coach mike bayer wikipedia

Mike bayer wiki known as Coach Mike is an American author and personal development coach from Los Angeles, California. He is the founder and ceo of Cast centers. Coach Mike has also create the CAST foundation. In fact, He is a member of Dr. Phil McGraw’s advisory board. Moreover, he has also appeared in Dr. Phil Show as Coach Mike. On 8 January 2019, He published a book name “Best Self: Be You, Only Better“.

Mike bayer height / Coach Mike bayer height


Los Angeles, California






1.90 m


49 years old

Bayer and Lovato co-claimed the CAST recovery office together. Bayer initially met Lovato in 2010 when she was 17 years of age.

This is what you have to know:

1. There Were Reports that Problems Between Bayer and Lovato Arose When She Relapsed and Was Not Honest About it

Around the same time that Bayer posted an Instagram video blog about his disturbance with big names. A short time later, Lovato tweeted, “Good fortunes on your blog.” Bayer did not make reference to Lovato by name in his video. The live mentor said to some extent, “I worked in amusement for a long time being a holistic mentor for a variety of pop begins and performing artists, and my greatest annoyance is the point at which they use pardons since they call themselves ‘specialists’. I’m here today to disclose to you that being a craftsman and being capable are two unique things. To me being a craftsman is carrying on with your genuine life. I trust everybody out there is a craftsman.”

Mike Bayer Demi Lovato photographs


Lovato and Bayer imagined together in September 2017.

Bayer proceeded with, “I think whether someone utilizes it as a reason to be late, or deceitful, or inconsiderate, or unashamed, that is not being a craftsman. That is being a yank. Furthermore, you shouldn’t represent that.” People Magazine reports that Lovato started unfollowing Bayer on Instagram in June 2018. Radar Online reports that the issues among Bayer and Lovato emerged when the vocalist backslid into dependence and was not legitimate with her accomplices about it. The site says that Lovato was pitiful about being constrained out of the establishment. A “source” told the site, “They are in an unpleasant disagreement about cash and marking.”

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2. Lovato Said She Was Told to Contact Bayer After a Bad Mushroom Trip

In October 2016, Bayer disclosed to Entertainment Tonight that Lovato initially looked for his assistance after a “terrible mushroom trip.” Bayer stated, “We met after an awful mushroom trip. She requested help and she had called her advisor and someone else, both had stated, ‘Call Mike Bayer.'” When Bayer went to her home that day and was welcomed by Lovato saying, “I’ve calmed down and I’m similar to, ‘Well, f**k.” During a similar meeting, Bayer portrays the CAST Centers as “truly enabling individuals to be simply the best form.” Bayer said of Lovato, “Demi has completed an entire 180. She’s the greatest pop star on earth who discusses her issues publically. That is a marvel in the amusement business.”

3. Bayer Is on Dr. Phil’s Advisory Board

As per his official site, Bayer is an ordinary supporter of Dr. Phil’s main appraised daytime TV appear. Known as “Mentor Mike” on the show, Bayer is likewise an individual from Dr. Phil’s warning board which comprises of “18 of the most cultivated and regarded medicinal services experts in the nation.”

Bayer’s authentic account says that he has a B.S. degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling from Metropolitan State University in Minnesota and being a California Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC II) and in addition a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI II). Bayer would found the CAST Center in 2003 after a spell working at the Hazelden Foundation. Bayer is cited as saying, “I discovered that my motivation in life is to help other people observe the opportunity to be their best selves.”

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