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Ankita mishra ias age biography boyfriend marksheet instagram family wiki

Ankita mishra

Ankita Mishra is very sensitive from childhood. Always wanted to tear people’s tears. Parents and siblings also understood this sentiment and prevented them from doing so on any step. In his heart the desire was so deep that he decided to become an IAS. After three years of hard preparation, got the 105th rank.

Ankita mishra

Ankita mishra ias age biography boyfriend marksheet instagram

After passing the IAS examination, Ankita Mishra, a resident of her home in Gorakhpur, was talking to Hindustan on Friday evening. He became emotional while remembering his exam days. The journey to become an IAS started three years ago when he canceled the decision to go to California for a sudden study of B Tech after computer science. Then the scholarship was approved from the University there too. Visa and tickets were all ready. Suddenly I realized that I would go away from my parents and my family. The desire to wipe the tears of the needy in the country will be incomplete. I told my father VK Mishra and mother Neelam Mishra that I want to become an IAS. I can fulfill my desire to help people. Ankita recalled the Men’s Examination that there was 102 degrees fever on the examination day. Papa took medicines, water etc. to the examination center. Stay tuned until the exams have ended.

The result was stressful on the day
Ankita told that she started watching the results from below in her room in Delhi. At the same time, Saheli telephoned the status of 105th rank. When I asked her about her friend, she told me that she did not have a selection. I was frustrated by forgetting my success and thinking about it. It took twenty four hours to accept the happiness of success.

To become an engineer, left St Stephen’s studies
Ankita passed the Intermediate examination with 92 percent. In the St Stephen’s College of Delhi, I got admission for English Honors, but then it seemed that I had to do engineering and I left the admission for B.Tech studies. After passing Btek, he decided to go to California to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

 Will develop using new technology
Ankita says that the Prime Minister has prepared a list of the most backward districts of the country. He has given these districts the name of aspirational district. Prime Minister wants that young IAS join these districts and add untouched people to the mainstream through development. She says that if she gets an opportunity to work in such districts, then she will give better results using new techniques.

Brothers will move on to their goals
Ankita’s younger sister, Soumya MBBS, is a second year student. The younger brother’s theory has passed the examination of Intermediate and has been selected in the London School of Economics. She tells that there is no pressure on anyone or younger brothers and sisters. The area which the siblings want to choose is independent