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Hurricane 30 deaths in Jenway’s climate alerts 24 hours and tofan ayayga mausam ki jankarii

Hurricane 30 deaths

The weather took place in the west of Bichov, two children
died due to the fall of lightning and now the wounded
are being treated in the hospital, the mortality rate
It is still to come and the rest is yet to come.

Hurricane at the speed of 65 kilometers per hour, the information of the climate department is more important for the department of disasters for the administration. The general should also be alert and stay away from that place, the rough wall should not go under the tree.

However, with the announcement it was for administration instructions in the afternoon
they give in a hurry is worse they had used the farmers it was bad harvest of
wheat in the fields

Hurricane 30 deaths

extending, more than 30 people report about the death of a storm, and
tell the storm that the storm across the country has wreaked havoc in many
cities. With strong winds in the cities, hail and rain have also
fallen, where people are worried.

climate alerts 24 hours

The climate department is being given the message that the administration of
Government is ready to be ready promptly to prepare preparations for
your position and people should be careful that the
farmer fix the bread, but Ram is also the person who is in the storm The
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a reward of 200,000 rupees to his
family and his family has announced a subsidy of 50,000 rupees to the injured
Department of Management.

The government

The government will help them by sending their data of the damaged harvest due to hail.

The Department of Meteorology always warns against any fear and is
The responsibility of the administration to deliver alerts to ordinary people. It can be a
means of news communication. The government administration should have
been informed to the general public that this storm is coming.

11 teams have been sent in the state and a system already exists in each district. Help and rescue
, but a disaster if someone had known that there would be at what time, where
would be when suddenly it will be the posture that holds challenge in front of the
administration now alert For the next 24 hours.